Benefits of hiring B&G

  • • Save time to focus on the core business of the company;
  • • Preserve the commercial relationship between the parties;
  • • High quality service managed by experts in foreign trade business;
  • • Excellence in customer service
  • • Highly trained team, qualified and bilingual;
  • • Efficient billing system;
  • • Local expertise
  • • Quick access to debtors
  • • No language barriers
  • • Unified report covering all local agents
  • • Attorney-based Debt Collection.

Equipment Control

Hiring EQC your company will count on professional control of containers (discharge and empty return), with active prevention of cargo abandonment. As a foreign Freight Forwarder you must be aware that most carriers will charge you of Demurrage costs in case of abandoned cargo at port of discharge, therefore you will benefit from EQC as the ultimate tool for loss prevention.

• Daily tracking, carried out by a specialized team.

• Custom reports as company policies.

• Better view of the whole process.

B&G EQC is the solution you were missing.

Invoicing Services

B&G offers services of partial and final invoicing of container Demurrage and Detention, Freight, charges and commissions. One of the best ways of minimizing your business´ exposure to late payment is to ensure that you invoice promptly. Many businesses fall down on this essential component of their money management. Waiting for the Carrier´s billing and only then issue your own is a great risk. Be one-step ahead hiring the B&G BILLING services.

Administrative Collection

Specialization is the key to success. With over 15 years of experience in foreign trade business, B&G’s team knows all the details that would make a difference between a simple collection and an efficient collection. However, COLLECTOR is much more than a collection procedure; it is a client-minded methodology that seeks receiving the company’s credit, and also respecting and preserving the commercial relation between creditor and debtor. With COLLECTOR, your company will minimize the costs and rise the profits.

Credit Control for Foreign Companies

Focused on International Freight Forwarders, B&G MANAGER provides professional unified control of all your credits received in Brazil by local agents. We target two main goals: (A) Check if all due payments are made by the final clients and verify if your local agent is taking the necessary internal steps to speed up collection; and (B) Ensure that reimbursements and profit share credits are remitted within the agreed deadlines. Late payment by local agents has been reported as one of the major problems that international Freight Forwarders face in Brazil. With B&G´s unified control, local presence and expertise you will stand out from the crowd. Save time and money. Hire B&G MANAGER today.

Chartering Contracts Advice

Chartering negotiations can be long and exhausting. It can take a long time to reach an agreement no matter what you´re negotiating for, and, ultimately, you might not even get what you want. That´s why it´s important to make sure you do everything the right way. Even the smallest mistakes can cost your success. Count on B&G for collection of Demurrage and Detention, port expenses, transportation and commissions.